yoga every day . . . for a year

I thought to myself the other day, what would happen if I did yoga every day for year?

I am not what you would consider a yogi or anything like that. I just enjoy yoga and I LOVE my hot yoga classes. But getting to them (and paying for them) pretty regularly is tough right now with a baby - I may be able to do yoga every few weeks.

But I have also noticed a difference in those classes since I have had a baby. Sometimes, as the teacher is instructing us to go to the next pose, I am thinking but I want to stay right here.

That voice got louder and louder with each class until I was still in downward dog bicycling. bicycling. bicycling. while everyone was two or three poses ahead.

But it felt so good.

I have never done yoga on my own. I started yoga in high school with the assistance of DVDs. I didn't try classes until I was out of college. I have always practiced yoga with someone telling me what to do. And while I love going into a studio, I think it may be good for me to try doing it at home, alone, and transition between poses when it feels right.

But back to my initial question...

What would happen if I did yoga every day for year?

 Will my back and knee stop hurting?

Will I be able to stretch farther?

Will I get smaller?

Will I finally be able to get into crow's pose?

Will I be able to do a handstand?

Will I reach for an apple instead of all those treats my coworkers like to bring in?

Will I be less anxious?

Will I be nicer?

Will I regret even challenging myself with this and want to give up?

The beauty of it is,

I don't know. And really, I have no real reasons for doing it other than I am just curious. And I think it will be a little fun.

I have no expectations of this challenge. I am not making myself practice for a certain length of time each day. I just need to get down on mat (or the grass or that blue carpeting in our office) every day.

However, I do work best if I have goals. So, for the first month, my goal is to just memorize a sun salutation sequence so if I am without the assistance of a class or computer, I have something to fall back on that flows well.

I plan to start on August 1st. Feel free to follow along with #everydaymatlove. And please join in! Even if you don't want to challenge yourself to everyday or even every other day, post a picture of you doing yoga with the hashtag - it is always helpful when you are doing a challenge with others. Plus, it will remind me to get my yoga in for the day!