letters to olivia: at 20 weeks

Wow, as of Saturday, we have made it 20 weeks! I can't believe it. So much has changed in the last few months.

Olivia, you . . .

have discovered your feet. You like to hold onto them like a little yoga baby. If your clothes are too restricting, you have learned to hold onto your pants to pull them closer and get a good look.

are teething. A few days after you turned four months, your first tooth popped through. You are definitely going to get more soon.

can grab and hold things. You love playing in your little gym and have become really good at holding onto the toys that hang from it. You also love holding onto your lovey and sucking on its ear or nose.

have become a flirt. You almost always have a serious look on your face but when someone new stops to say hi, you give them a big gummy grin and turn your head to the side like you are shy.

are doing so well at daycare. You seem to love your teachers and are so good every morning I drop you off.

like the television. Whether it is cartoons or basketball, you are fascinated by all the moving colors.

are talking up a storm. We have lots of conversations. I don't think either of us really understand what the other is saying but the sentiment is there. You coo and I say silly things.

don't mind tummy time. You do baby push ups and love when someone gets down on your level to play with you.

are close to rolling over. You can get from your back to your side but haven't quite figured out how to get onto your stomach yet.

love sitting up. You have an extreme fear of missing out and need to be surveilling everything.

Olivia, I . . .

have learned so many cartoon songs. I often find myself singing the Disney Junior jingle or the song from Sofia the First at my desk.

hate it when you are sick or your teeth are bothering you. It makes me incredibly sad to see you in any sort of pain. 

am great at making up songs. I have yet to memorize a nursery rhyme but I have a killer rap about your toes. 

love picking you up at daycare. It is the best part of my day - you look at me and give me the biggest smile. 

love you more and more every day.