unique baby shower gifts

We were the first among our family to have a baby so we didn't receive any hand-me-downs. This made us eternally grateful for all of the practical items that we were gifted off of our registry. Babies certainly get expensive quickly!

But I know that, sometimes, people like to gift cute items as opposed to practical and, a lot of times, that ends up being clothing, especially for girls. Olivia is growing out of most of her zero to three month pieces right now and I feel so guilty putting away some of her clothes because the majority of the clothing was lucky to be worn once.

I thought I would put together a list of some unique items outside of the usual clothing choices. Some are just cute but most of them are functional as well.

1. When I first saw the Mama & Little teething necklaces, I wanted one right away but I held off because Olivia wasn't close to teething age. However, I noticed that, around six weeks, she started to become really grabby while she was feeding and started to get really distracted as well. I ordered two necklaces, the Teresa and the Deila. Now, if I wear one while she is feeding, I can put in in her hand and she has something to grab onto and focus on. I also love wearing the necklace while she is in the wrap. It gives her something to chew on since she has started a habit of chewing on the wrap. An added bonus to these necklaces is that they are actually cute and I have gotten a few compliments on mine already.

2. A friend of mine noticed that Olivia was starting to develop some dry skin and recommended Noodle and Boo Ultimate Ointment. I tried some of it on my hands and it was luxuriously smooth. It really helps with Olivia's cradle cap and I have even used it on my hands and lips from time to time. It is pricey but a little goes a long way and it makes an excellent gift. Noodle & Boo products are free of those gross ingredients, are great for sensitive skin, and a portion of their proceeds go to children's charities.

3. At about seven weeks, I noticed Olivia really rocking back and forth in her crib in the SwaddleMe. I knew there was only a matter of time before she rolled over and then wouldn't have her hands free to help lift herself up. I decided to switch to the aden + anais sleeping bag. While I liked using the classic sleeping bag, I am in love with the bamboo ones. Splurge for a bamboo one as a gift - they are incredibly soft and silky. 

4. I love the goumikids products. They are made with a bamboo and cotton blend making them super soft, breathable, and environmentally sustainable. I have a pair of their booties and mitts. The booties stay on well (which is always a struggle) and the mitts are so pretty. Plus, I love that the mitts are reversible so you get two in one. You can purchase a coordinating set with mitts, boots, and a hat which would make an excellent gift, especially for a winter baby. 

5. I knew I wanted some sort of age prop to take pictures of Olivia as she grew. The stickers for onesies are pretty popular but I love the age blocks by the Etsy shop, Pretty in Polka Dots. Not only does it have weeks and months but also years and grades. So yes, I plan to make her pose with the blocks on the first day of school all the way through high school.

6. I love all the baby moccs that are on the market now. However, considering she isn't walking yet, I couldn't justify the cost of some of them. I love that Mini Acorn moccs are cute and stylish while still being affordable. I have one set with a bow and one of the traditional pairs.

7. I already blogged about the Solly Baby Wrap but I thought it deserved a spot on this list as well. We love the wrap and they have beautiful colors available. (I am really excited for their new spring line.) Plus, the packaging is so cute - this is definitely the perfect gift for the parents who want to try out babywearing. 

8. I know I said no clothes but I am making an exception here. A big reason that Olivia didn't wear a lot of her clothing was because I mostly had her in one pieces most of the time. They were easy to get on and off for a diaper change and kept her warm during the winter. Onesies may be better for summer babies but, for us, we like the one pieces. Those items got worn multiple times. Some people prefer ones with zippers, others like the snaps. I like both. We have some inexpensive ones from Target, Old Navy, and Gap but for a gift, I highly recommend Hanna Anderson. All of their items are super comfy and durable. They are a bit pricey but they usually are running a buy one, get one sale and they make a great gift.

I hope this helps some of those looking to buy a gift for a new baby or some new moms like myself looking for some unique and stylish items.