baby gear for the first two months

During my pregnancy we did a lot of research on what baby items to register and buy for our new baby. Like a lot of first time parents, we searched the internet, asked other parents who had young children for advice, and stalked people who looked like they knew what they were doing in Babies R Us (not even joking.) It was overwhelming at times, especially when we would ask people what their top items were and they would list off about twenty different things. 

I thought I would share what we found really helpful in our first two months with Olivia. Obviously, every baby is different so what works for some may not work as well for others. It definitely takes a lot of trial and error and trusting that you know what is best for your baby. 

1. The Solly Baby Wrap was one of the items I was really excited about. They have a great selection of colors and look beautiful when worn. We went out to Sam's Club to get a few supplies the second week and she slept in it the entire time. It definitely took a few times trying it out at home before that - she didn't like it at first - but now she loves it. It makes shopping a lot easier instead of lugging around a stroller or car seat. I did find that a few weeks in, though, she was ready to transition out of the newborn carry to the classic carry since she has such long legs. 

2. I received a jogging stroller that my car seat snaps into that is great for exercising or going on trails but it is pretty large for going out to dinner or  to the store. A few weeks in, when we realized that her car seat was larger than normal and wouldn't fit into booths or upside down high chairs in restaurants, we went out and purchased the Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller. Our car seat snaps right in, it folds up easily, and is extremely lightweight making it easier for me to get it in and out of my trunk. We use the wrap to go shopping most of the time but I love this for going out to eat since we can roll it right up next to our table and her car seat doesn't have to go on the floor.

3. I love keeping the Boppy Newborn Lounger in our room. It is great to throw on the bed and put her  on it while I am getting dressed or putting laundry away. Technically, I could just lay her right on the bed but, with our dog, I like that she is a bit more elevated. I have also put her in between us like this for Netflix marathons in bed. 

4. I think most new parents own a monitor. I am really glad we went with the Summer Infant Baby Touch WiFi Video monitor & Internet Viewing System. When I put Olivia down in her crib, I don't keep the video on but if she starts to make noises in her sleep I can check to see if she really needs me or if she is just having baby dreams instead of always having to go into her room. This is especially helpful with the middle of the night feedings. The monitor is also a touch screen so I can move the camera around if I didn't put her in her crib exactly where the camera was facing. It also has the capability to go to our phones but we haven't set that up yet. 

5. My in-laws gifted me the Born Free Nighty Night Nursing Light for Christmas. I wish I had known they made these sooner. When Olivia was still in our room at night, I would have to turn on the light to feed and change her. I know that was really disrupting Rich's sleep and was tough when he went back to work full-time. I really wish I had this from day one. Even if you bottle feed, this is still really helpful. Now that Olivia is in her own room, I just leave this on my bedside table and then clip it on my pajamas when I get out of bed to go feed her. It also helps me navigate through the house as I walk to her room instead of having to turn on all the lights.

6. I think a swing is pretty obvious but what wasn't so obvious to me was which one to get. I had my heart set on a mamaRoo since it didn't seem to take up as much space (we are in a townhouse) and it looked pretty cool. However, when my husband and I were in Babies R Us one day looking at them, a mom came up to us and said that we were probably going to have a big baby (my husband is 6'4'' and a big guy) and that she would only fit in the mamaRoo for a month, tops. She was definitely correct - Olivia is very long. We ended up going with the Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker. I like that it swings front to back and side to side. Sometimes, Olivia likes it one way and sometimes the other. She also loves the bear mobile that is attached to it. There were a few weeks where Olivia screamed from five to nine in the evening and this was sometimes the only way we could soothe her. 

7. The popular breastfeeding pillow right now is the Boppy but I am glad that someone (who works closely with lactation consultants) recommended My Brest Friend to me. I like that it can strap to my body so if I need to shift or get up while I am feeding her, I don't have to worry about holding onto the pillow, only her. It certainly isn't as cute as the Boppy but it seems to be a lot more functional. 

8. Someone recommended the Fisher Price Rock n Play to me. While it seemed liked a nice thing to have, I didn't think I needed another item to cram into our townhouse. However, she kept trying to convince me so I put it on my registry and received it at my shower. I am so glad I did. Olivia actually slept in this next to our bed for the second week instead of the basinet. A lot of babies don't like sleeping on their backs right away and this keeps them at more of an angle. Ours vibrates to help soothe her and I can rock it if she needs a little help going to sleep. She doesn't sleep in it at night anymore but she takes the majority of her naps in there. I love that it is super lightweight and I can easily move it to any room in the house. 

9. Olivia was a little Houdini when she was born. She would break free of the best swaddle the nurses put her in at the hospital. Rich and I soon realized that these Summer Infant SwaddleMe blankets were awesome. She loved being wrapped tightly and could be soothed so much quicker that way. She also wouldn't startle herself at night. I did stop using them at about two months because I would find her rocking back and forth in her crib pretty forcefully and I was afraid she would flip herself over and not have her hands to move her head but up until that point I am not sure if we could have gone without them. 

We obviously used much more than this list but these are my top items. I hope you find this helpful.