letters to olivia: after two weeks . . .

You turned two-weeks old on Saturday and it has been two weeks since we arrived home from the hospital (although it seems like months ago.) Although we are still getting used to life with a baby, I can't imagine not having you here. It is so funny how one tiny human can consume you. I guess you will learn this when you have a baby of your own. 

Olivia, you . . . 

do this thing with your tongue that is so cute. It looks like you ate something that left a bad taste in your mouth. You actually were doing it when they put you into my arms at the hospital. 

love your hands. In fact, you hate being swaddled because you love to sleep with one hand resting next to your cheek or with both arms over your head. 

can already move your head. It seems that you have decided to skip a few months ahead. A few days after we brought you home, you were lying on your daddy's chest and decided you didn't want to look to your right so you picked your head up and looked to your left. 

have grown out of most of your newborn clothes. In fact, you were so long when you were born, getting you into them that first week was already tough. I think you are going to be tall like your daddy. 

think your daddy is awesome. You always focus on him when he comes into the room and he is the best at calming you down when you are upset. I think he is pretty awesome too. 

are a great eater. You went back up to your birth weight within the first week and gained over a pound in just the second week. We also started trying to do a bit of bottle feeding these past few days which you are getting the hang of. You still prefer the boob, though. 

hate being cold. Whenever I have to change your clothes or your diaper, you cry until you are bundled back up. 

give the best stink-eye. It is basically your signature look. 

Olivia, I . . .

have learned that I can't plan. You have your own agenda for the day. If I have a cute outfit planned, you are going to spit up right after I put it on. If I plan a wonderful newborn photo session, you are going to fuss through most of it. 

take so much longer to do things. It takes a bit of time to get moving in the morning. Between three dirty diapers, peeing on the changing table without a diaper, and not wanting to eat until we want to leave the house, sometimes we don't have breakfast until 10 am. I also have stretched hour-long television shows into three hours with the amount of times I hit pause when you need me. 

am getting better at eating with one hand. When we went to the diner with the girls yesterday, I ate a rolled up pancake with my hand. This was in between two dirty diaper trips to the bathroom. There is no time for knives. 

sleep when you sleep. At least, I try. As long as we both get sleep and eat, laundry and cleaning can wait. I usually try chores later in the evenings now and I am incredibly more efficient than I used to be. 

have been eating way too many cookies. Apparently, people like bringing cookies when you have a baby. 

stopped apologizing for my messy house when guests come over. Besides, most people take pity on me and start folding laundry or straightening up. 

love you so much.