on 39 weeks

{I took this picture at 38 1/2 weeks. It is amazing what a remote control and a tripod can do.}

I am 39 weeks tomorrow. 

Although I am only a week out from my due date, I am oddly pretty calm. The nursery is pretty much finished and the baby stuff is all set up. I have a few frozen meals in my in-laws freezer and I had one last manicure and pedicure last night since, you know, I can't reach my feet myself. 

Physically, I am uncomfortable. I am definitely not sleeping. A few people have said to me it will prepare me for life with a newborn. I think they might have a point so, instead of being whiny about it, I am looking at it as baby preparation. 

And really, compared to a lot of others having babies around me, I think I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. Besides a rib issue that caused me to stop exercising and a recent PUPPP problem, I have gone through this pretty issue-free. Plus, I have been able to keep working which keeps me from sitting at home and just waiting. 

About two weeks ago, baby kicks started to slow down and now there is just a lot of shifting. Space seems pretty tight in there. I told her she is allowed to come out at anytime. I am really excited to meet her. 

Actually, it is all I can think about. I am actually looking forward to labor. The want and need to meet this little human overpowers any feelings of fear right now. I will probably be feeling a little different when the time actually comes, though. 

I keep rubbing my belly, hoping she can feel me, and thinking about little fingers and little toes. She already has me completely in love.