cankles: the stuggle is real

Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

Swelling is one of those wondrous gifts.

My feet started swelling sometime in late August and I have been telling everyone about it. I talk to my coworkers about it a few times a day. They probably can't wait for the swelling to go away either.

Someone told me that I am allowed to have swelling - I am pregnant. Yea, I get it but I can't really accept it. Cankles are just something that I can't willingly live with. 

During the end of the summer, when watermelon was still somewhat in season, I ate a ton of it. I made myself cucumber water and soaked in epson salt baths. Now that it is a bit cooler, I try and take walks during my lunch break. All of this helped but didn't necessarily make the swelling go away completely. 

Then I realized that the swelling got worse as the work day progressed. On the weekends, I would have little to no swelling. Sitting, guys, sitting is killing us. Standing, walking, and laying down all seem to help but I have to sit for work.

So I bought some sweet compression socks. I put those on everyday when I get to work and I walk around the office in them. I have probably become that "crazy-pregnant-lady-with-the-socks." A lot of times, I don't even wear shoes. You can get away with so much more when you are pregnant.

My main concern about the swelling, though, was the wedding I was in this weekend and the one I am going to be in this coming weekend. The brides requested we wear nude pumps. They were a-ok with me wearing wedges so, of course, I immediately bought two different pairs of nude wedges in July. 

This past Saturday, I was determined to get into the more-snug pair of shoes I had planned to wear for that wedding. So, while all the bridesmaids were getting their hair done and make-up done, I laid on the bed or was standing. And when it was my turn to sit in the chair and get my hair and make-up done, I put on those compression socks. And for pictures before the ceremony, every picture I am in I will be in those beautiful nude pumps. And every time I wasn't posing for a picture, I hung onto a groomsman for balance, took them off, and put on sandals. Seriously, I think I have the bride's grandmother beat. I have the same plan for this weekend's wedding. 

After this weekend, though, I think I will let swelling win the battle. Hopefully some of my shoes will fit because I think "barefoot and pregnant" would be frowned upon in forty-degree weather. I have even considered purchasing a pair of Uggs. Am I too old to wear Uggs?