a new day, a new blog

Hello! My name is Morgan and the everything list is my new spot to share daily musings, future plans, and just general thoughts on life.

If you are joining me from my old blog: thanks for hanging in there over the last year and giving me a little time away from blogging. When blogging started to become more of chore than something I enjoyed, I knew it was time to take a little break. I didn't want my blog posts to become stale or feel forced. I hope you still enjoyed following me on instagram and twitter.

For those that are just joining in: hello and welcome! I love meeting new blog friends so feel free to comment on my posts and connect with me through social media.

I don't plan to post every day like I did before. I would rather deliver you a quality post than a lot of only-ok posts. Plus, with a baby on the way, a lot of my evenings are spent prepping for that. 

I have had a lot of time to think over the past year. In respect to blogging, I think my old blog got away from me because I started posting more about what I thought people wanted me to post about then what I really wanted to post. It was still honest and true but it did not feel as authentic as it could have been. Does that make sense? 

I have tried to let this year's focus be on simplifying my life: I have started to make my own natural skin care products, purged a lot of things (that I didn't even know I had) in our house, and am making a conscious effort to be grateful for the things that I have versus what I don't. I also have tried being a bit more present. I am a planner at heart but I have tried to relish those small moments: spending a few extra minutes waking up next to the pup and the hubs, taking a moment to make a cup of tea and just sit, and creating the time to talk to the baby and feel her moving around. 

Honestly, I don't really have a structure for this blog like the last one but I think a lot of my posts will be a reflection of this focus and my new role as mother. I hope you will join me on this journey.