life, lately: olivia's first trip to disney

I finally had some time to download all of our photos from our trip to Disney World in January. It was so much fun looking through them and reliving our time there. Olivia loves everything Disney and had a blast meeting her favorite characters and going on all the rides. 

I know many people say to wait to take children until they are older and can remember but I know I will always have these memories from when we were a teeny family of three. Plus, Olivia is still talking about "Mickey's House" and talks about our trip anytime she sees an airplane. So really, the joy it brings her now is enough for me.

In addition to being Olivia's first trip to Disney, it was also her first plane ride. Although we were delayed a few times and had to switch around our flights on the way down to Orlando, we lucked out by getting upgraded to first class which meant an ample space for her to nap (and for mama to take a much needed break.) We even got invited up to see the front of the plane!

Our first full day, we went to Magic Kingdom. This was the only day we were in a park from right after breakfast until after dinnertime. I know a lot of people want to cram a ton in since they paid for the tickets but, for us, it was more important that we were able to relax a bit and fit naps in so we didn't have a cranky family. 

Olivia was a little "starstruck" this day and wasn't too warm towards the characters but she loved seeing them from afar. She also received her very first haircut in the barber shop. We had a great experience there and I would highly recommend it to anyone. 

The next day, we headed to Epcot. There isn't as much to do at Epcot with little kids but our resort was a five minute walk from there so it didn't make sense NOT to go. And Olivia was thrilled by all the Frozen themes in Norway. She came back with a love of Elsa, Ana, and Olaf like I have never seen before. 

We only stayed in Epcot until mid-afternoon so we could go home and take a nap. However, if I had known that a lot of attractions don't open up until the afternoon in Epcot, we probably would have swam at our resort that morning, napped, and then went to Epcot in the afternoon and stayed for dinner. 

After naptime, we made our way to Disney Springs for dinner. Rich and I had gone there for our babymoon when I was pregnant with Olivia and, man, has it changed. It looks gorgeous and I wish I had more time to spend down there.

For our last day in the parks, we went to Hollywood Studios. Honestly, I may have skipped this park for a toddler but they have a ton of Disney Junior rides and shows there. I am really glad we didn't skip it because she may have had the most fun here. And it was just enough time to do all of her stuff in the morning, have lunch, and then catch the afternoon Indiana Jones Show before we went back to our resort to rest. Plus, it was pretty cool that we could take a boat to and from the resort to the park. 

For dinner, we headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge to eat at Jiko. I loved our meal but Olivia was overly tired that day so I am not sure I would go again with a toddler unless you were saying close by. 

Our last full day there, we journeyed over to the Polynesian to have breakfast with Lilo and Stitch. We were all pretty tired and cranky at this point in our trip but man did that turn around once Olivia saw two of her favorite "people." She went right up to both of them and gave them huge hugs. 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at our resort and swimming in the pool. I love that there was a sand bottom, zero-entry section for Olivia. 

Our flight didn't fly out until later on the last day there so we had breakfast with Minnie, traveled to Disney Springs for lunch, and then I walked around our resort, the Beach Club, a bit while Olivia napped and Rich did a bit of work. 

We had an amazing family trip and I can't wait to take both of our little girls when they are a bit older!