style: my maternity stitch fix review #1

This is my first maternity Stitch Fix box as well as being my my first Stitch Fix ever. I have been wanting to try a subscription box for awhile and, when I found out I was pregnant, I decided on Stitch Fix because of their maternity styling. 

This is my second pregnancy so I do have a decent maternity wardrobe. However, Olivia was born in December and this baby is due in July so the seasons are completely switched. Plus, I really focused on basics the first time around for longevity's sake so I want a few items to spice things up and create a bit more interest in my closet. 

I had my husband snap a few pictures of the pieces I received. As you can see, my husband is not a photographer and I am not a model. Plus, it was super windy and cold that day. BUT I thought it would give you a good idea of what I received. I looked at a bunch of maternity Stitch Fix reviews before I took the plunge and I wanted to "pay it forward."


I loved this dress right out of the box. I am a sucker for olive and the material was super soft. However, when I put it on, my husband said, "Are you sure you that is going to last you more than a month?" And, after looking at the pictures, he was right. I had plenty of room for a belly to grow, not so much for the ladies. So, unfortunately, this is getting returned. 


This is not a top I would normally purchase, however, it was a nice material and pretty flattering. Plus, I have a lot of basic tops and this is very different than anything I have. I also think it will be a great postpartum top when we enter autumn to hide the post-pregnancy belly. I kept it!

I specifically requested leggings since my old maternity leggings had a hole in them. I purchased a pair of maternity ponte leggings from The Loft that I love but they are very thick so they won't last me into the warmer months. I love how these leggings feel and, since leggings are basically my uniform on the weekends, they are going in my closet, 

I loved the look of the dress out of the box, however, as I looked at it more, the material was very thin and almost see-through. And I am glad we took pictures - the stripes are NOT flattering. This dress is going back!


I requested a vest but wasn't very specific. I guess in my mind I was thinking something more along the lines of a cargo vest. I did like this. I don't have one like it and I liked that it was lightweight but I just couldn't justify the cost since I didn't love it. It is going back!

Overall, I didn't think this was bad for my first Stitch Fix. I didn't hate anything they sent and I kept two items. I will definitely give them my feedback and order again as I get a little bigger and the weather gets warmer. 

Have you tried Stitch Fix?