life, lately: the creek house

A few weekends ago, we visited my friend, Niki's, family creek house. I had been there two years ago, when I was pregnant with Olivia, so it was fun to go back. A few of my college girlfriends and their significant others traveled there as well. We spent the majority of the weekend catching up, reminiscing, and eating good food. 

After Olivia woke me early, I spent Sunday morning watching Olivia jump into the kiddie pool with her pajamas on, coffee in hand. There is something so calming about waking up on the water. I wish I could spend every morning like that.

It was so nice relaxing and spending time with old friends. And I always love watching Olivia with the girls. She ate up all the attention and was in a great mood the entire time. 

It is funny how much can change in two years.