wishlist: my birthday

Rich's birthday was at the end of January and my birthday is at the end up February so, instead of exchanging presents this year, my parents are coming into town at the end of the month to watch Olivia while we have a spa day and a night at a local hotel. I am SO excited! It will be great to have a chance to reconnect and have conversations without having to split my attention. 

However, even if I am not going to receive a gift, I still had fun creating a little wishlist for my birthday. 

1. I love the Beautycounter Lip Shears (evidence is here) and I have been dying to add another color to my collection. I am loving all the deep purple shades I am seeing right now. I am torn between the Plum and Currant. What do you think?

2. Since I have been exercising at least six days a week, my workout clothes have been taking a beating. Plus, I really only get a chance to do laundry on the weekends so I have had to re-wear some leggings and sports bras. Gross, I know! I am on the lookout for a few new workout pants and sports bras. I am obsessed with these Salar Capris from Fabletics. They are beautiful and I may just splurge as a reward to myself for completing the Hammer and Chisel program.

3. I tried the sneak peak workout on Sunday for 22 Minute Hard Corps and I am obsessed! I wasn't really considering getting into a new program since I love Hammer and Chisel so much but I was surprised at how inexpensive this program is and I love a quick workout. The next few months are gearing up to be pretty busy so I would appreciate a workout that won't eat up my entire evening. Plus, I ended that workout DRENCHED. IN. SWEAT. which is pretty much how I gauge a good workout.  It comes out two days after my birthday (March 1st) and I plan to be first in "line." Who's with me?

4. If I have to label myself, which, ugh, I hate, I am definitely more preppy but I also have a little bit of hippy in me. I usually go the natural route with essential oils, I love my Birkenstocks, and I get really excited about eco-friendly cleaning products. So, if you know me, it will come as no surprise that I want to try out a Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp. Basically, it creates negative ions which clean the air.  Oh and it's pretty too. 

5. I have had my eye on two cookbooks for quite some time. I love Mediterranean food and could eat it everyday so Mediterranean Paleo Cooking is right up my alley. Also, when I have people over, sometimes I struggle to find paleo-friendly foods that will still feel special enough for a get-together. Gather, The Art of Paleo Entertaining looks amazing!

What's on your wishlist?