my christmas wish list

Remember as a kid, when the Toys R Us catalogue would arrive and you would circle EVERYTHING on the pages for Santa to bring? Maybe that was just me...

I never expected to get all of it but, as my blog title suggests, I love making lists. So just the act of doing it was exciting for me. 

This year, I want Santa to really focus on Olivia but I still had fun making my own wish list. We could really call this list my "If I weren't a responsible adult" list or something like that. 

1. Having a toddler leaves little time for hobbies but, about a year ago, I bought myself a mini hand loom and have been teaching myself to weave. I have been knitting my entire life but wanted to try a new fiber art. I just purchased a larger loom and have been wanting to learn some new techniques. This book by Rachel Denbow looks like a good reference guide.

2. I have been lusting over the work of Kim Hovell for years! She is so talented and her East Coast inspired paintings are so dreamy. We are finally starting to decorate our living room and I think this painting would be perfect placed over our couch. 

3. I have camera bag but it is worse for wear. And I have a back pack but it doesn't have a ton of compartments to safely store my camera and lens. I have had my eye on this backpack for a few months and I may just splurge before we take our trip to Disney next year. The only think holding me back is that I am trying to be more resourceful with items I already have...

4. Ugh, lenses. I feel like I can never have enough. If you love photography, you know what I mean. And, really, I haven't purchased one in a few years. I have been thinking about getting a 35mm for over year now. I think I may rent one before I make the commitment since it will be the most expensive lens I have purchased. 

5. I have had my eye on Tradlands for awhile now and could probably purchase every shirt in their shop. However, the price tag is definitely more than I would usually spend. I do like that their items are ethically produced, though, and I am trying to make more purchases based on quality long-lasting wear versus just the cheapest price. Has anyone tried a Tradlands shirt? I would love to know your opinion!

6. Like I said, I have gotten myself into weaving and this new magazine looks absolutely beautiful. It basically covers interior design and yarn. I think it would be great inspiration for creating for your home. 

7. I haven't bought flats in years and most of mine really need to be retired. I am loving The Point flat from Rothy's. They actually make their shoes out of recycled water bottles using a 3D printer. And a huge plus? You can throw them in the washing machine!

What is on your wish list this year?