healthy beauty: skincare

I started my journey years ago, trying to find alternatives to my skin care regimen that were more natural so I wasn't exposing myself to the multitude of horrible chemicals that some cosmetic companies put in their products. 

I tend not to use a lot of brand name products: I have a bottle I refill with organic jojoba oil to mix with my moisturizer or to use on its own. I have a huge tub of organic coconut oil that I use on my body and mix into salves I make. And I have a spritzer that I refill with rose water to help cleanse or refresh my face. But there are a few skincare items I have found that it are easier to buy already made and they are safe and effective. These are my current favorites:

1. I love Naturopathica's Lemon Verbena Hand Cream. It used to be labeled as a hand and body cream and I use it for both. It is easier to throw into your purse or suitcase than a glass jar with coconut oil or a diy salve. Plus, it smells amazing!

2. Beautycounter's Vibrant Eye Perfector is amazing! My consultant, Emily, suggested this to for my sleep-deprived mom eyes and I was amazed at the results I saw within just a week. Plus, the little jar goes a long way - I am still on the same jar that I bought last summer!

3. I use tinted moisturizers most days but, on the weekends, I like to give my skin a little break. For awhile, I was using just jojoba oil but it left my face looking a little oily which is not a good look when going out in public. I use Beautycounter's Every Day AM Hydrating Cream now and love it. It is super light and doesn't leave you feeling greasy but it keeps my skin hydrated. And, on those days when the weather is harsh, I add a little jojoba oil to give a little extra oomph.

4. I have been a chapstick addict for as long as I can remember so I am very picky when choosing a new one. For the most part, I hate the fragrances that they put in lip balms - they just smell and taste gross. Enter the Honest Company Organic Lip Balm Trio! They have fragrances that aren't overpowering and smell great! Plus, they keep my lips moisturized which is the point! I use the plain & simple on Olivia's lips and feel good knowing that I am not putting chemicals into her body. 

5. My hands get so dry this time of year and my cuticles take a beating! I try to apply cuticle oil every morning. Not only does it keep your cuticle moisturized but it helps your manicure last longer! I was hesitant to splurge on the butterLONDON Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil but I am so glad I did. The ingredients are much safer than most nail brands and it has lasted me forever. I think I have had it since I was pregnant!

If you want to learn more about one of my favorite beauty brands, Beautycounter, I am hosting a Facebook party next Thursday, February 4th at 8 pm EST with Emily Waters. Emily is a registered dietitian by day, Beautycounter consultant by night. She will be there to share some information about the brand, introduce you to some of their products, and answer any questions that you have. Plus, it is a party you can go to in your PJs!

I love BeautyCounters mission! They are so transparent about their products, they even put the EWG rating on their website for each product. I love that my natural-loving soul can still get some beautiful high-end products that I enjoy! If you are interested, just contact me and I can add you to the group.