jump-start the new year accountability group

Are you looking to get fit and healthy in 2016? My coach, Heather, and I are hosting an accountability group that starts on Monday, January 11th. 

When Heather first approached me earlier this fall, before I was a coach, and asked me to join one of her accountability groups, I was a bit apprehensive. With a full-time job and a baby, I was afraid I wouldn't have time to put forth the effort. I was also afraid that people would judge me - for not eating healthy at every meal or for skipping a workout or for not getting insane results. But I took a leap of faith.

And it was SO worth it! (It is actually the reason I considered becoming a beachbody coach.) 

Here are a few things I took away from my first accountability group:

1. I stick to a meal and workout plan so much better when I have others that I am accountable to. I loved checking in each day with everyone and it only took a few minutes each day. (There were a few days when I was insanely busy and I forgot to check in and that is ok!)

2. I love encouraging others to keep going and not give up! Doesn't it feel so good to help someone else?

3. There are people out there who appreciate my crazy color-coded meal plans. I ended up sharing one of my weekly calendars on a whim with the group and I had people request them each week. 

4. There are also people who appreciate my love of food. These people don't think it is crazy to post a picture of something I cooked or to be obsessed with a new recipe. 

5. I loved seeing how others do "it." I am a curious person by nature and I like seeing how others get through afternoon snacking/find time to exercise with kids/motivate themselves. It is great bouncing ideas off of one another. 

So if you are looking to gain energy or get toned or eat healthier in the new year, you DON'T have to do it alone. Please contact me and we can figure out a program that works best for you busy life. If you want to learn more about my accountability groups, visit my Join Me page