why I became a beachbody coach

I started drinking Shakeology when I first tried the 21 Day Fix a few months ago. My coach, Heather, suggested that if I was going to keep drinking it, that I should sign up as a coach to get the discount. So I did. And it was worth it. 

Then, I went through my first "challenge group" led by Heather in September. Not only did it keep me on track with the 21 Day Fix but I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed contributing to the group. I loved helping to answer people's questions and contributing content. And I secretly thought to myself I think I could do this as an active coach

The more accountability and challenge groups I have been in over the last few months the more I have realized that I really like helping people in this capacity. I know that I am not an expert and I am far from my goals but that doesn't mean that today isn't the day to start. 

So, why am I a Beachbody coach? 

I wanted a way to stay accountable.

This may seem surprising considering I am talking about workout regiments that involve DVDs and streaming but I am horrible at working out on my own. Staying motivated and focused is the number one reason I quit. There always seems to laundry or cleaning or catching up on Homeland to do. I will almost always make excuses. However, when I am accountable to other people through a challenge group or just every day with my clients, I will get off my butt and exercise. Or say no to that random dessert someone left in the break room. My motivation and will-power become so much stronger. And doing it as a group becomes fun!

I like the support. 

The Beachbody community is awesome. I love the support and encouragement I get from my coach as well as other coaches from my team. If I ever need help or advice on something, there are about five people who will respond back within ten minutes. There is also a vast array of training tools and programs to help you get started. 

Someday, I may want the flexibility to quit my day job.

Julie, if you are reading this, I am not ditching you anytime soon. (Julie is my incredibly awesome boss.) But in all seriousness, if I ever decide to take the plunge and stay home, not only will I want to keep contributing financially to our family but I will need something to do that is mine. Rich and I both agree that if I stay home one day, that I will need something non-mom and non-wife to focus on. 

I want to help people through their journey. 

I love encouraging people to become better versions of themselves. When I am eating healthy and exercising, I feel great and I want others to feel that great too. I like being there for someone to check in with their exercise routine or to help someone create a meal plan. (Meal planning is my jam.) I appreciate that, with being a Beachbody coach, I have a platform to do that. 

I am hosting a Jump-Start the New Year accountability group in January with my coach, Heather, just in time for all of those New Year's resolutions! If you have questions about it or would like to join, let me know!