Hello! I'm Morgan and welcome to my blog! 

A few things about me...

+ I currently live in Salisbury, Maryland with my husband, Rich, my daughter, Olivia, and our yellow lab, Peyton. 

+ I am a planner by nature but this first year of motherhood has taught me to slow down and go with the flow a little bit. I am now on Olivia time!

+ I own way too many striped shirts. WAY. TOO. MANY.

+ I love food. I love cooking it, eating it, talking about it, photographing it. I am currently trying to balance eating healthy while eating all the french fries. The struggle is real guys.

+ I have realized lately that I say "like" way too much. Maybe even more than my younger self did. It is starting to annoy me...

+ Pregnancy caused my closet to be full of clothes that don't fit me and I am ok with that. But, I am currently trying to get back in shape so when my daughter starts walking and then running, I can keep up. That is why I became a Beachboy coach!

+ I love to travel and visit new places. It has always been a passion of mine to learn about different cultures. But, I also love coming home to my own bed too. 

+ Currently, I would rather be in tennis shoes than in heels. And that still surprises me. 

+ I like to buy fancy "lounge wear"  and pretend that I will have time to curl up by the fire with a cup of tea and a skein of yarn. This is not my reality...

+ Even on those tough parenting days, Olivia makes me feel like I am the luckiest person in the world. Being a new mama isn't easy but, boy, is it worth it!

I hope you enjoy following along on this new journey of juggling motherhood while trying to stay healthy and happy!