life lately: olivia at two

A few weeks ago, we met up with the wonderful Mary of Mary Bell Photography to snap a few pictures of Olivia at age two. She did an amazing job of capturing Olivia's spirit: pensive and adventurous, silly and sweet. I can't believe how much she has grown over the past year

I really can't stop looking at these pictures - I just keep thinking about how these first two years have gone by. It is hard to imagine life without her now. I can't wait to watch her grow over the next year and see what see is like as a big sister. 

style: my maternity stitch fix review #1

This is my first maternity Stitch Fix box as well as being my my first Stitch Fix ever. I have been wanting to try a subscription box for awhile and, when I found out I was pregnant, I decided on Stitch Fix because of their maternity styling. 

This is my second pregnancy so I do have a decent maternity wardrobe. However, Olivia was born in December and this baby is due in July so the seasons are completely switched. Plus, I really focused on basics the first time around for longevity's sake so I want a few items to spice things up and create a bit more interest in my closet. 

I had my husband snap a few pictures of the pieces I received. As you can see, my husband is not a photographer and I am not a model. Plus, it was super windy and cold that day. BUT I thought it would give you a good idea of what I received. I looked at a bunch of maternity Stitch Fix reviews before I took the plunge and I wanted to "pay it forward."


I loved this dress right out of the box. I am a sucker for olive and the material was super soft. However, when I put it on, my husband said, "Are you sure you that is going to last you more than a month?" And, after looking at the pictures, he was right. I had plenty of room for a belly to grow, not so much for the ladies. So, unfortunately, this is getting returned. 


This is not a top I would normally purchase, however, it was a nice material and pretty flattering. Plus, I have a lot of basic tops and this is very different than anything I have. I also think it will be a great postpartum top when we enter autumn to hide the post-pregnancy belly. I kept it!

I specifically requested leggings since my old maternity leggings had a hole in them. I purchased a pair of maternity ponte leggings from The Loft that I love but they are very thick so they won't last me into the warmer months. I love how these leggings feel and, since leggings are basically my uniform on the weekends, they are going in my closet, 

I loved the look of the dress out of the box, however, as I looked at it more, the material was very thin and almost see-through. And I am glad we took pictures - the stripes are NOT flattering. This dress is going back!


I requested a vest but wasn't very specific. I guess in my mind I was thinking something more along the lines of a cargo vest. I did like this. I don't have one like it and I liked that it was lightweight but I just couldn't justify the cost since I didn't love it. It is going back!

Overall, I didn't think this was bad for my first Stitch Fix. I didn't hate anything they sent and I kept two items. I will definitely give them my feedback and order again as I get a little bigger and the weather gets warmer. 

Have you tried Stitch Fix?

live, lately: our family is growing

Happy New Year! We have a lot to look forward to in 2017, most of which is Baby #2. I am due July 14th so we are affectionally referring to this little one as "Bastille Baby." 

I am very excited but, in all honesty, a little nervous with having two little ones under the age of three. I know that many have done it and done it successfully but that first year of Olivia's really threw us and I am worried about splitting my time and attention between two children. I feel like I am constantly juggling now, how do you get everything done with a toddler and a newborn?

I know it will all work out but if you have any advice to help us prepare (or survive those first few weeks), please share!

{photo cred: Mary Bell Photography}

my christmas wish list

Remember as a kid, when the Toys R Us catalogue would arrive and you would circle EVERYTHING on the pages for Santa to bring? Maybe that was just me...

I never expected to get all of it but, as my blog title suggests, I love making lists. So just the act of doing it was exciting for me. 

This year, I want Santa to really focus on Olivia but I still had fun making my own wish list. We could really call this list my "If I weren't a responsible adult" list or something like that. 

1. Having a toddler leaves little time for hobbies but, about a year ago, I bought myself a mini hand loom and have been teaching myself to weave. I have been knitting my entire life but wanted to try a new fiber art. I just purchased a larger loom and have been wanting to learn some new techniques. This book by Rachel Denbow looks like a good reference guide.

2. I have been lusting over the work of Kim Hovell for years! She is so talented and her East Coast inspired paintings are so dreamy. We are finally starting to decorate our living room and I think this painting would be perfect placed over our couch. 

3. I have camera bag but it is worse for wear. And I have a back pack but it doesn't have a ton of compartments to safely store my camera and lens. I have had my eye on this backpack for a few months and I may just splurge before we take our trip to Disney next year. The only think holding me back is that I am trying to be more resourceful with items I already have...

4. Ugh, lenses. I feel like I can never have enough. If you love photography, you know what I mean. And, really, I haven't purchased one in a few years. I have been thinking about getting a 35mm for over year now. I think I may rent one before I make the commitment since it will be the most expensive lens I have purchased. 

5. I have had my eye on Tradlands for awhile now and could probably purchase every shirt in their shop. However, the price tag is definitely more than I would usually spend. I do like that their items are ethically produced, though, and I am trying to make more purchases based on quality long-lasting wear versus just the cheapest price. Has anyone tried a Tradlands shirt? I would love to know your opinion!

6. Like I said, I have gotten myself into weaving and this new magazine looks absolutely beautiful. It basically covers interior design and yarn. I think it would be great inspiration for creating for your home. 

7. I haven't bought flats in years and most of mine really need to be retired. I am loving The Point flat from Rothy's. They actually make their shoes out of recycled water bottles using a 3D printer. And a huge plus? You can throw them in the washing machine!

What is on your wish list this year?

life, lately: corolla, north carolina

At the end of August, we headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my husband's family. We spent a week in a beautiful house in Ocean Sands with a view of the ocean from the top deck. Here are a few moments from our trip:

Despite the second half of the week being rainy due to Tropical Storm Hermine, it was great to unplug and spend some time with family. 

Where did you go on your last vacation?